How to Plan a Kid’s Birthday Party

  1. Choose your theme.Let your child pick the theme for his or her party. Ask your child for their ideas, and write them down so they don’t get forgotten. They probably have a favorite character or topic, so going with one of those is a sure-fire way to pull off a successful party. Some popular themes include: Pirates, Princesses, Crafting Parties, Mad Scientists, Aliens, and Animals.
  2. Check the calendar.Make sure you set the party date on a date that doesn’t conflict with popular holidays or events, or your own appointments or schedules. Make a list of your child’s friends to invite so you know how many invitations, chairs, goody bags, food etc you will need. A general rule of thumb is one guest for each year of your child’s age.

#3. Invitations. Once you have your theme and guest list, you can choose to buy or make your invitations. Making them can be a lot of fun, and kids will love helping out with this part of the party. Let them get creative with the design, and buy stickers, glitter, colored paper etc. to make them really special. If you’re not interested in getting crafty, buy your invitations or have them custom made to fit your theme.

  1. Buy your decorations.Decorating can become overwhelming if you get too elaborate. Keep it simple and stick to your theme. If you are going to have a Mad Science birthday party you can decorate in a variety colors!  You could use colorful streamers to decorate ceilings or accent tables, and then add some colorful confetti to tables and you are done.  Throw in some colorful hats, table covers and party favors and you’ve just gotten yourself decorated!
  2. Plan some games and activities.This is a must do part of every party. If you’re a person who is game/activity-challenged, hire a party service like Mad Science to come in and entertain and wow your party guests and birthday child. There are someamazing party shows and themes available.
  3. FOOD. FOOD. FOOD!No party would be a party without the food! Depending on your plan, pick out and purchase in advance all of the treats, snacks, and meals for your party. Prepare in advance as much as you can so you are not doing this the night before, or on the party date. The birthday cake is officially what turns your child a year older (we just made that up for fun) so bake it ahead of time and decorate the day before in case you run into problems. You can also order or buy your birthday cake.
  4. Have fun!Birthdays are meant to be fun and special, so don’t worry about how things go, and if you run into problems, keep your cool and don’t worry about it. Keep your expectations realistic, and keep your plans simple to have a surprisingly easy birthday party experience!Birthdaypartyinvitation

    happy kids around birthday cake
    happy kids around birthday cake

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