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chance to win a delicious cake. we choose a creative comment that you write.lucky winner will be massaged via fb on September 8th .here are the steps you must follow to win.

Step 01) visit our blog
Step 02) write a comment
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What do you think about the suurprise party


the surprise party that you experienced

Good Luck to everyone

27 thoughts on “Chance to win

  1. Nathasha Indeewari

    that is very wonderful work to all of people any one can get very good idea how to organize the party day until you are die as well as i like to tell the information which you are included in every category that very valuable but still i don’t have to get surprise party for my birth day but i could get nice idea from your blog now i can plan surprise party for my parents,family members and others because i believe if someone become a happy as my idea that is the unforgettable movement i can get until my life is end.

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  2. sukitha rangana

    I can’t forget that day.becouse not only it was my birthday but also it was my happiest day in my life.Normally i go to meet my girlfriend in my biryhday.Though it was a rainy day.i didn’t care that.I want to see her anyhow.I should have to gone there right on time.but dye to rain.I got late by one hour.i imagined her face with tears.fInally I went here Though I know she was upset inside,.she pretended,that she was okay.Then suddenly I was surrounded by friends.My heart just stopped.I was so shocked .In the mean time my friends began to greet me for my birthday .l heard her voice too.She is the one and only person who make me happy like that.Actually i really love her.

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    1. DasuNi

      This blog is really amazing and usefull for all of us. parties are there to share our happiness from our birth to death, party is a gathering of people and also party will typically feature food and beverages, and often music and dancing or other form of entertainment in modern world people are busy with their works therefore this is useful for those people who wants to makes their beloved one happy,
      suprise party is an unexpected or astonishing event where deals with emotions. When you give a suprise party to your lovable person seeing their happiness and smile is the best gift you can gain.all of us love to have suprises, making someone happy gives the awesome feeling to your life that moment you will never forget and that person too
      If you want to make a suprise party to tell someone that you are caring them and wanting more this blog will help you people.
      Amazing work 🙂

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  3. Poornima

    If you want to show someone how much you care her/him and how much you love, so surprise party is the best thing to do!!! Suprise party spreads the love and happiness between our friends and lovers!! But the most catchy thing is if u do one suprise party we automatically addict to it!!! Love to do it again and again with new creative ideas!! So this party ideas page is giving elegant ideas to party lovers to rock their special day with unforgettable memories!! ❤️🎉

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  4. Ayesha sandarenu

    It was such a beautiful day. Even the nature was getting ready by sweeping the dust from the grass along with me. I decorated the party with so much excitement and enthusiasm. I was so busy with hanging balloons and crapes to add more color to the function. And with the time i was done doing all that my friends started coming one by one. Though i was talking with each and everyone of them my eyes were on the road longing to see some one. Time. passed but I couldn’t find him. After some time he came along slowly giving me butterflies in my tummy to the place which we used to meet all the time. And all I could hear was my friends shouting ‘Happy Birthday!’ to wish him. And I joined them too by whispering my love a very happy birthday

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  5. Giving a surprise party to someone you love is a superb way of showing your compassion to them. I have organized many surprise parties from my childhood to my beloved family, friends and boyfriend. Recently I threw a small surprise party to my boyfriend at my university premises for celebrating our second year anniversary. And yes I’ll be planning to throw many more surprise parties in years to come for my loved ones 😀

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  6. Sachintha

    Remember: Doing Nice Things for your family is just as good as for strangers. Leave a nice unexpected note for you kids or husband, a roommate- or even at your siblings or parents house when you visit. Don’t tell them about it- just leave it for them to find. A sweet loving message or a thank you or an encouragement. Any kind word is good. The Art of the Surprise Note …

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  7. Rukshi Dhanushika

    As I think surprice party is a marvellous moment…If I faced like that party it will be the one thing which I never foget in my life..I’m waiting for a surprice party…

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  8. Masith sithru

    I think it’s a good way to show how much you close to your friends or family members.Through this surprise party you can fill their mind with full of happy.So try to do this.

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  9. The surprise party was on my bday. Firstly my friends wished me normaly. I dont know they had planned something. My friends means my office mates. Then i worked and got off. My close friend asked me to come to meet her boyfriend . Then i said ok i wil. Then we went to the a shopping mall, after that she took me a place it was very dark. Then one of my friends brought my bday cake with lighting candles. I was speak less on that moment. I got shocked. After that i cut my bday cake with my friend’s wishes. They arranged a small bday party. Cakes, fish rolls, puffs, soft drinks liked that. I can’t forget my last suprise bday party. Because it’s bring me a lot of happiness.

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