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chance to win a delicious cake. we choose a creative comment that you write.lucky winner will be massaged via fb on September 8th .here are the steps you must follow to win.

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What do you think about the suurprise party


the surprise party that you experienced

Good Luck to everyone


Tips for Planning a Low-Budget Wedding Anniversary Party

Don’t let a limited budget put a damper on your wedding anniversary party planning. With a little resourcefulness and a lot of creativity, you can host a fabulous anniversary celebration that doesn’t break the bank.
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How to Plan a Kid’s Birthday Party

  1. Choose your theme.Let your child pick the theme for his or her party. Ask your child for their ideas, and write them down so they don’t get forgotten. They probably have a favorite character or topic, so going with one of those is a sure-fire way to pull off a successful party. Some popular themes include: Pirates, Princesses, Crafting Parties, Mad Scientists, Aliens, and Animals.
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