How To Decorate Christmas Tree

  • Christmas Tree Preservative
    You can caring for Christmas trees.
  • Putting Lights and Decorations on the Tree
    When decorating your Christmas tree, put lights on first, then garlands, then the ornaments.
  • Work From the Inside Out
    Start arranging Christmas tree lights on the branches near the base of the tree. Weave strings of lights along the branches “inside,” then move to the outer edges of the branches.
  • Placement of Ornaments
    Don’t hang all your ornament on the tips of the branches. Place ornaments and other decorations ‘inside’ your tree to add depth and interest.
  • Basic Ornaments for Fill
    Start by arranging the “filler ornaments” evenly spaced around the tree. This would include basic solid color balls . You’ll need about 20 “filler ornaments” for every 2 feet of Christmas tree.
  • Special Themed, Collectible Ornaments
    Mix one-of-a-kind special ornaments between the basic ornaments. Plan to use at least 10 special themed ornaments for every 2 feet of tree. As your collection grows, put the special ornaments closer together.

Rose Flowers

rose flower


Crape sheets, Scissor

Refer the below steps then you can get the fair idea to make a rose flower.So make more flowers with different colours.

Enjoy with rose flowers.You can decorate your party table vase.

DIY Décor from the Ceiling


This craft might require a bit more craftiness but don’t shy
away from trying. Fabric Paper Glue featured these DIY hot
air balloons tutorial that you can make for your baby
shower decorations.
You can hang them over a yummy sweet treats spread filled
with the mom-to-be’s favorite cookies, cupcakes, cakes,
fruits and more.