Cake pops


We’re seeing cake pops all over, and if you still don’t know
what gender your baby is these pink and blue cake pops
would work nicely with your theme, all you need are some
wooden sticks and food coloring!


Clay Pot SNow Man


2″ clay pots
Gesso or white paint
Ivory or white fabric
Mod Podge Antique matte
Colored patterned fabric
Fine point black Sharpie
Paint: pink, black, orange
Rusted wire
Round nose pliers


1.Paint clay pots with Gesso or white paint.


2. Trace bottom of clay pot on the ivory fabric. Cut out the circle and fold in half then in half again. Cut the tip off to create a hole in the middle of the circle. Decoupage this circle to the bottom of the pot.


3.Decoupage ivory fabric onto the side of the pot. 

4. Decoupage patterned fabric onto the rim of the pot.

image5.Apply a coat of decoupage over the entire pot and rim and let dry completely. 


6.Use scruffy brush dipped in pink paint, excess paint dabbed off on a paper towel, to add cheeks.

7.Use the handle end of the brush dipped in black paint to add eyes. Use a Sharpie to draw on mouths. Add nose with orange paint. Let the paint dry completely then add another



layer of decoupage.


Paper Decorate

Materials:  A4 sheets,Glue


Refer to the picture above and work outward from the center:

Glue the heart scrolls evenly around the loose coil.
Glue a tight coil inside the point of each heart scroll.
Glue a marquise between each heart scroll.
Glue a V scroll point between the coils of each heart scroll.
Glue a marquise to each V scroll between the coils.

You can decorate your wall or invitation crds using this paper art.

Anniversary Card cardstock

To make a simple anniversary card take a sheet of white or cream card stock or paper (preferably A4 size), fold it in half and then using the craft punch (which features different shapes) or scissors, cut small hearts out of mauve or pale red paper (use different textured paper for this for best results). Paste these hearts in a heart shaped design in the center, upper part or corner of your card-front. The tinier the hearts are the better the card will look.

Using a silver pen or glitter pen draw some neat but simple designs over and around these hearts. Alternatively, you can use Swarovski crystals or small glass beads to add a touch of elegance to your card. Using a black or silver ink pen write out the heading in your best handwriting. Next, open the card and write out your message using the same pen and you have finished making your own anniversary card